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Covid Policy Update

As we are sure you are aware the Government have announced that from 19th July the wearing of masks and other social distancing measures will no longer be mandatory. Government advice has been ever changing, from ‘the public being responsible’ to the current advice that it is ‘expected and recommended’ that face masks be worn (unless exempt) in enclosed spaces including shops.

At Epsom Beekeepers Association shop we are responsible for our own health and safety measures, we have taken the decision that unless you are exempt, all volunteers  and customers will still be expected to sanitise hands on entry and wear face coverings while in the shop.

We will also continue to restrict numbers because the only way we can ventilate the shop is by having doors open which is fine on days when the weather is good but impossible when the weather is not good.

The booked appointments system will continue to help us regulate the flow of people into the confined space of the Apiary building.

We will continue to encourage you to scan the QR code for the NHS track and trace system..

We have made these decisions to continue to protect both volunteers and customers, a number of whom are in vulnerable categories, and although we are aware that this will upset some of you, we hope that you will understand why we have made this decision.

We will continue to assess the situation and our policy and will keep you updated with any changes.

Any questions – please contact

Payment is strictly by card

The shop is run for the benefit of members of the Epsom Beekeepers Association.

For enquiries on purchasing honey or beekeeping equipment please email


Summer opening – beginning of April to end of September

1st and 3rd Tuesdays – between 7:00 – 7:30pm. Bee equipment only

Saturdays by appointment from 11:30am

Winter opening – beginning of October to end of March

1st and 3rd Saturday of each month from 11:30am

Shop Price List

National Hive ComponentsMember Price Non-Member Price
Brood (Second)£26.00£28.00
Supers (Second) £18.50£20.00
Roof 4” (Second)£26.50£29.00
Crown Board £12.00£13.00
Queen Excluder Framed (PFHC)£18.00£20.00
Dummy Boards National£7.00£8.50
Varroa Mesh Floor Framed (Pine)£30.50£33.00
14×12 Brood (Second)£43£47
14×12 Dummy Boards£7.50£8.50
Supers (Second) £18.50
Hive Stand (Double)£49.00£49.00
Stainless Steel Mesh£5.00£5.50

Commercial, WBC & Polystyrene Hive Components Member Price Non-Member Price
Commercial Brood (second) £38.50 £41.50
Polystyrene 6 Frame Nuc (Paynes)£43.50£48.00
Polystyrene Eke (Paynes)£15.00£16.50
WBC Lifts (seconds) £25.00£27.50
WBC Brood Box (seconds) £20.50£22.50
WBC Super Box (seconds) £18.50£20.00
WBC Crown board£17.00£18.50
WBC Varroa floor£66.50£72.50

Frames Member Price Non-Member Price
DN1 National Deep brood £7.00 £7.50
DN4 Hoffman deep brood £9 £10
SN1 National Shallow Super £8.50 £9
SN4 Hoffman Shallow £9 £10
Commercial Deep Brood£13.50£14.50
14” X 12” Deep Brood £13 £14

Wax Member Price Non-Member Price
National Deep £18 £20
National Shallow £11 £12
National Shallow (Unwired) £8.50 £9
Commercial Deep £27.50 £30.00
Commercial Shallow£13.00£14.00
14” X 12” Deep£30£32.50

MedicamentsMembers Price Non-Members Price
Apiguard (2 Containers) £4.50 £6.00
Apivar (10 strips = 5 treatments) £32.50 £41.00
Api-Bioxil (35g)£10.50£13.50

Jars and ContainersMembers Price Non-Members Price
Box of 72 x 1lb Jars and Lids£27.00£30.00
Gold Lids x 72£10.50£11.50
Box of 72 x 300ml Food Jars and Lids£39.00£44.00
Black Bee Lids x 72 (70mm)£10.50£11.50
Box of 96 x 190ml (1/2lb) Food Jar and Lid£37.00£41.00
Gold Lids x 96 63mm (1/2lb)£7.00£8.00
Cut Comb Containers (50)£10.00£11.00
Polish Tins (10) and Labels£9.00£9.50
Plastic Mini Pots 1oz (100)£7.50£8.00
Honey Bucket 60lb£5.50£6.00
Honey Bucket 30lb£3.50£4.50
Honey Bucket 15lb£3.00£3.50

Sundries Members Price Non-Members Price
Smoker £23.00 £25.00
Hive Tools ‘J’ Type £12.50 £13.50
Hive Tool Scraper Type£12.50£13.50
Spacers Narrow £6.50 £7
Spacers Wide£10.00£11.00
National Castellated Spacers (9) £3.00 £3.00
National Castellated spacers (10) £3.00 £3.00
Metal Runners (Pair) £2.00 £2.00
Uncapping Forks £4.50 £5.00
Bee Brush £7.50 £8.50
Queen Introduction Cages £0.50 £0.50
Queen Marking Cage (Press in)£8.00£8.50
Queen Cage Clip Type £4.50 £5.00
Queen Cage Plunger Type £2.50 £3.00
Queen Marking Pen £7.00 £7.50
Queen Catcher – Glass £5.50 £6.00
Frame Nails 0.5kg£2.00£2.50
Contact Feeder 5 Litre £8.50 £9.00
English Feeder£13.00£14.00
Rapid Plastic Feeder £5.00 £5.50
Frame Feeder£16£17.50
Mouse Guards£1.00£1.00
Porter Bee Escapes £1.50 £1.50
Conical Tap Strainer £18.50 £20.00
Stainless Double Strainer£24.50£26.50
Nylon Double Strainer £9.00 £9.50
Nylon Honey Tap £7.00 £7.50
Gloves Disposable Boxed £6.50 £7.00
Ambrosia fondant 2.5kg pack£6.00£6.50
Fondant / Candy 12.5Kg£18.00£22.00
Corex board floor Insert£2.50£3.00
Beekeepers Rule£2.50£2.50
Asian Hornet Trap£9.00£9.50
Gravel Tray£9.00£10.00

Epsom Complete Second National hiveMember PriceNon-Member Price
Mesh Floor and Slide
Brood Box
2 Supers
Queen Excluder
Cover Board
33 Frames
33 Wax foundation
3 Pairs Metal Runners
Frame pins
66 Plastic ends
2 Porter Escapes
3 Packs nails
TOTAL Deep£234£254
TOTAL 14×12£262£290

Prices Correct as of April 2022