EBKA Honey Sales

The honey is simply removed from the hives, spun out of the honeycomb, filtered and jarred up ready for you to buy!

Our honey is supplied to you as a natural, raw product and is not heat treated so please do not give to babies under 1 year old.
Some people consider that local honey can help to alleviate the symptoms of hay fever when taken regularly and is delicious served on toast and porridge or added as an alternative sweetener in tea and coffee – or simply enjoyed straight from the jar!
Our honey costs £7 for a 454g (1lb) jar of honey and £5 for a 227g (1/2lb) jar of honey. We hope you agree that this provides excellent value for money for such a wonderful product!
If you would like to purchase Upper Mill Honey please email shop@epsombeekeepers.co.uk to place your order and agree a collection time.