EBKA Beekeeping Experience Days 2024


The Experience Day – Sunday 19th May or 16th June 2024 09.30- 16.00


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Course Cost £80

Location – The Apiary, Upper Mill, Kingston Road, Ewell, Surrey, KT17 2AF

Dates/ Times Sunday 19th May or 16th June 2024 09.30- 16.00

Age – People under the age of 18 need to be accompanied by an adult

The Experience Day offers a mix of theoretical and practical learning to provide an overview of the lifecycle and craft of keeping a colony of honeybees. This one day course is designed to give a you ‘taste’ of the commitments, equipment, costs and knowledge required before starting.

The morning will be spent in the classroom where we will explore the biology of this fascinating insect and talk about the care and equipment required to handle/maintain them.

You will also learn about the ‘products’ of the hive and have an opportunity to taste a range of different honeys!

After lunch (weather permitting), attendees will have the opportunity to put on a bee suit and examine inside the hive of a colony of honeybees to identify the different castes, the honeycomb nest and experience holding a frame of bees!

Refreshments and a light lunch will be provided as well as the protective bees suit.
Full details of the day will be provided upon receipt of payment.

All courses are aimed at those starting out in beekeeping, or perhaps those returning to it. The club will loan attendees all the equipment required during visits to the apiary (protective bee suits, hive tools, smokers, etc.).

If you discover that beekeeping is the hobby for you then we recommend that you move onto the ‘full’ training course which comprises 10 weeks of Theory and 15 weeks of practical training to ensure that you are confident to handle and maintain a colony safely and appropriately.

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Cancellation Policy

We are unfortunately unable to refund your booking should you decide to cancel. However, if we are able to fill your space we will issue a refund.
A cancellation will incur an admin fee of £5.
Please contact info@epsombeekeepers.co.uk with any questions.

19th May, 16th June

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